Coporation Info

History of the company

  • Established in the 12th year. of Taisho. (1923)
  • The original company, Nitto Seiyaku Co., Ltd. was established in 1928.
  • In 1952 after the great success in the field of the medicine for obesity, we changed its name to Sankei Seiyaku Co., Ltd. and restarted the production and the sale of medical supplies and cosmetics in Minami Azabu, Tokyo.
  • In 1959 and 1967 we produced new medicines for obesity which caused a great sensation in the wor1d of
    patent medicines.
  • In 1982 we produced the cosmetics for hair, "TETARIS" and at the same time, built up our own business system, which gave many people the opportunities to try the samples ---- monopoly goods for hairdressing salons.
  • We have had great originality since our establishment. With the free call system, we succeeded in sending the goods on the same day by home delivery service. In 1985 we produced "TETARIS Shampoo Mark Ⅱ".
  • In 1987, as soon as the medical circle of Tama district of Tokyo announced that "TETARIS Cream"was effective for the prevention against the fallen hair after the use of anticancer drugs, it appeared on the newspapers. This drew many people's attention to our"TETARIS".
  • We produced"TETARISα"in 1992, a new type hair-care product,"TETARIS Hair Pack"in 2000, improved"TETARIS","Yakuyo TETARIS"in 2002, and "Yakuyo TETARISα" in 2003.
  • Sankei Seiyaku has been producing many TETARIS's, which have been all well received.

Outlines of the company

Firm name Sankei Seiyaku Co., Ltd.
Establishment the 12th year of Taisho (1923)
Representative the President, Yasushi Matsubara

Head office 3-10-14, Ikegami, Ohta-ku, Tokyo
Capital 30 million yen
Company activities Production and sales of medical supplies and cosmetics
Banks Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank, Roppongi Branch, UFJ Bank, Azabu Branch