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TETARIS gives protein to the scalp, and hastens the growth of the hair.

The element of the hair is protein. Irregular food life, stresses, and senility worsen the blood circulation prevent nutrition to the hair, and cause thin hair or fallen hair. TETARIS series will make the effective elements (whose main element is protein --- albumin ) soak through the scalp, and give power to the weakened hair. Above all, "TETARIS" and "TETARISα" are the hair tonics which include vitamin E, tincture of pepper, and semburi extract etc. The two products improve the blood circulation through the capillary vessle. They prevent fallen hair, give the hair energy and power, and keep it in good condition.

Please use for one month, and you will realize the effect.

Daily use of "TETARIS" "TETARISα" twice a day (in the morning and evening) will make you realize the effect.

TETARIS is used in the medical care, and has had great results.

Sankei Seiyaku's own study produced TETARIS series, which are different from other products. Their merit is that they give the nutrient substances to the scalp directly which are needed for the growth of the hair. The great effects have been featured in the media such as newspapers, magazines, and so on.